• Art of Parts 5.0 is finally here!


    During the TEDx Innovation Alley I collected portraits of participants. You can now buy a part of the artwork for the next 30 days. Then I'll cut it up!

    See the work!
  • ART OF PARTS 4.0


    Rubbings from Cincinnati landmarks both big and small. This round will be auctioned at the JDRF Gala May 7 of 2016.

  • Art of Parts 3.0


    Cincinnati as a map with muscles, sinews, bones, and a soul.

  • ART OF PARTS 2.0


    Xavier University Dancers contribute to the crowdsourced art project.

  • ART OF PARTS 1.0


    Project kicks off at Xavier's Center for Innovation!


Buy a part and belong to a whole.

Buy a part of art and belong to a whole. This is a crowdsourced art project where you can own a percentage of a work of art and belong to a community of shareholders.

Have you ever wanted to buy art, but couldn’t afford it? Now you can name your price. Parts start as low as $25. Now that is almost like giving it away.

You also get the chance to affect the final state of the work. The work is not complete until the shareholders affect the final composition. Then I’ll cut it up!

So what do you get?



You’ll also get a map of the final distribution
(so you can see where your part fits into the whole)
and a small print of the completed work (before cutting).

How it works

It begins with a large painting . . .





I start by working with a choreographer and dancers to collect the initial reference material. This imagery is then run through a program that I made that replaces pixels for symbols. I print these compositions out and collage the final with paper. Drawn lines complete and stitch together the parts.

This work is about the formation of identity, both individually and collectively. We change and improve, not just through our own actions, but through our response to others. We are all tied together, bound, linked, and tethered.

Smash Representation and Abstraction together and my work is the aftermath. This work is the psychological construction and reconstruction of the figure. When Gulliver encountered the Island of Lilliput his scale was misread as a threat and was subsequently tied down with cords. This was soon reversed as his size was utilized as arsenal. I am interested in how our own individual identities are also in a state of restraint and propulsion.

Collage is a metaphor for how the formation of identity is a complex filtering and mitigation of signs that we defy, incorporate, discard and accumulate. The figure moves in and out of recognition and the visual fragments are left to be reconstituted by the viewer. They are suspended between construction and deconstruction striving to influence their own creation. Finally, this visual history is mapped by lines that operate as restraints, slings, scars, sutures, scaffolding, supports, bars, tracks, nests, and constellations.


Here's where you come in

Name your price



You and others pay the amount you want. The piece then gets distributed based on all the percentages and number of buyers. You can view the proportional distribution here: https://artofparts.com

This is a new experience and new things can be uncomfortable for some, but liberating for others. However, I believe in the power of a good surprise and unpredictability in life.

Art of parts embodies those ideals. As your part changes over time, I hope you enjoy watching the constantly shifting composition. You can either repledge to try and change your part or sit back and relax.

You can also submit location preferences to try and secure your favorite spot. Go to www.artofparts.com/preferences.html to see how it works.

Cut it up

Don't worry, I built it that way


When the project is over I will cut up the work (a la king Solomon) and mail you your part.

Check out this video of the final slice and dice

The Cut up

Art of Parts 5.0

TEDx participants are part of the work.

This work was a fundamental change for the project. You could now be a part of the work, not just buy a part. I used portraits from TEDx participants and translated that image into a digital drawing using the flash program I wrote.

Each portrait reflects the essence of the individual, ranging from complex to minimal and raw to elegant. I’ll continue to stitch together the portraits with pen and pencil for the next 30 days until I cut it up!

Art of Parts 4.0

Rubbings Across Cincinnati

For this work I collected rubbings across Cincinnati. Locations include but not limited to: Aronoff Center, Ault Park, Crosley Field, Contemporary Arts Center, Freedom Center, Xavier University, Fountain Square, Music Hall, Washington Park, and Union Terminal just to name a few.

Rubbings are like photography. There is a connection between subject and object, but with rubbings there is no distance, you must physically come in touch with the object to make the work. The image surfaces like a photo in a developing bath. And the final image looks like a memory of the thing, not an exact copy.

Art of Parts 3.0

Cincinnati as a body


With this version I was interested in Cincinnati as a body. The city moves, breathes, and circulates with a rhythm that relates to our individual and collective identities. With muscle, bones, rhythm, and flow this work is both map and anatomy.

This work was cut up Oct. 2015 at the Xavier University XHaus in downtown Cincinnati.

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